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Minnesota Instructor Course

May 22-June 26

6-Week Course

Our comprehensive six-week live zoom instructor course is designed to equip you with everything necessary for your success in the classroom.


Minnesota Instructor Courses

Haircutting - When Worlds Collide

1-Hour Course

Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of hair fashion with our 1-hour course on the hottest haircutting trend: The Bob-Pixie Fusion! Join us as we explore this captivating style and provide step-by-step instructions accompanied by stunning visuals. In this immersive learning experience, your students will master the art of creating the perfect fusion between the classic bob and the edgy pixie cut. Enroll now to unlock their creativity and become adept at crafting this sensational and sought-after hairstyle.

This course is for 1 hour of clinical practice.


Retail Basics

1-Hour Course

Master the Art of Retail and elevate salon success through our comprehensive course. In this transformative learning experience, you will guide your students to understand the crucial aspects of pricing, strategic placement, and the overall importance of retail. Empower them with the skills to optimize their salon’s performance and maximize profitability. Join us now to unlock the secrets of retail excellence and ensure your students thrive in the competitive world of salon business.

This course is for 1 hour of teaching methods.


The Rental Journey to Success

1-Hour Course

In this impactful 1-hour course, unlock the essential knowledge to guide your students in finding the right studio for success. Delve into the crucial factors that must be considered, equipping your students with the key points necessary to make informed decisions. Empower them to navigate the intricate landscape of studios and discover the path to their desired achievements.

This course is for 1 hour of teaching methods.


Leadership 101

1-Hour Course

Unlock the Secrets of Leadership Success in this concise 1-hour course. Explore the multifaceted nature of leadership and its undeniable link to success. By enrolling, you’ll empower your students not only to embrace their role as leaders but also to grasp the essence of true achievement.

This course is for 1 hour of teaching methods.


Mindful Business Practice

1-Hour Course

Empower your students with the essential steps to cultivate mindfulness in running their business through our concise 1-hour course. Dive into the transformative practice of mindfulness, equipping your students with the tools they need to enhance their business acumen. From developing self-awareness to fostering a mindful work environment, this course will guide them in harnessing the power of presence and intentionality. Enroll now to unlock the secrets of mindful business management and set your students on a path to success.

This course is for 1 hour of teaching methods


Let's Talk Success

4-Hour Course

Unleash the potential for success in your students by immersing them in our comprehensive 4-hour course, where leadership, business, and retail seamlessly converge. This transformative learning experience will equip your students with a powerful skill set, enabling them to excel in the dynamic world of commerce. From mastering effective leadership strategies to understanding the intricacies of running a successful retail operation, this course will empower your students to navigate the business landscape with confidence. Enroll now to unleash their full potential and pave the way for a thriving future in the industry.

This course is for 4-hours of teaching methods.