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About Michele Trautner

Michele Trautner – Founder

It all started 23 years ago working behind the chair and then branched out to educating for color lines, teaching at a beauty school, producing beauty shows, and finally to my current career as a Regional Education and Sales Manager for Oligo Professionnel out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

To date I have more than 15 education programs in multiple states! In my spare time I enjoy yoga, dreaming about giving a TED Talk, and constantly bothering my husband about getting another dog!
I started Beauty Inspiration Association because I wanted to bring affordable continuing education programs that are relevant in today’s beauty world.  
We also want to help each and every licensed professional define what success is to them. Our salon coaching approach is not a “cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.” Together we assist you with a unique, customizable coaching program.

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